Community Classes


Free Mindfulness Meditation Workshop @ North Central College

When:  2/20,  4-5 PM

Where:   Smith Hall, Old Main, 30 N. Brainard St


Free Mindfulness Meditation Workshop @ Wheaton Public Library

When:  Wednesday,  5/1/19,  7:30-8:30 PM

Where:  Wheaton Public Library, 225 N. Cross St, Wheaton, IL


Mindfulness Meditation @ College of DuPage

When:  Tuesdays,  2/19-3/12,  12-1 PM

Where:  College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL


Mindfulness Meditation @ Wheaton Park District

When:  Thursdays,  2/21-3/14,  8-8:50 PM

Where:  Community Center, 1777 S. Blanchard Rd, Wheaton, IL


More Mindfulness Meditation @ Wheaton Park District

When:  Tuesdays,  2/19-3/12,  7:45-8:35 PM

Where:  Community Center, 1777 S. Blanchard Rd, Wheaton, IL


Mindfulness Meditation @ Geneva Park District

When:  Mondays,  4/1-4/22,  8-8:50 PM

Where:  Sunset Community Center, 710 Western, Geneva, IL


Mindfulness Meditation @ Glen Ellyn Park District

When:  Thursdays,  4/4-4/25,  8-8:50 PM

Where:  Main Street Recreation Center, 501 Hill Ave, Glen Ellyn, IL


Mindfulness Meditation @ Lemont Park District

When:  Mondays,  2/18-3/11,  8-8:50 PM

Where:  Core Fitness Complex, 16028 W 127th St, Lemont, IL


Mindfulness Meditation @ Schaumburg Park District

When:  Thursdays,  2/21-3/14/2019,  12:15-1:05 PM

Where:  Community Recreation Center, 505 N Springinsguth Rd, Schaumburg, IL

Private Classes & Groups


Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction 

To schedule Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction—

Call 630-379-8257  or e-mail


Workshop:  Introduction to Meditation and Stress Management

To schedule a workshop for your organization or business —

Call 630-379-8257  or e-mail


Private Meditation Instruction

To schedule a private, four session Mindfulness Meditation class or a Mentoring & Meditation session—

Call 630-379-8257  or e-mail