Meditation Improves Blood PressureLook at the blood pressure improvement of one of my students after two weeks in my Mindfulness Meditation & Stress Management class! Proof positive of what a regular meditation practice can do for you!!!


“Learning meditation from Stephanie was a fantastic experience!  She is an excellent teacher who will take her time to make sure you understand the lessons.  The time and money spent are a small amount for something that will last the rest of your life!”

Don H., Genoa, IL

 “Meditation had an immediate impact on my health. I no longer suffer shoulder/neck cramps from my long commute, and I have lost weight because I am no longer interested in emotional eating. Friends and family envy my renewed creativity, and I enjoy a “peace that passes all understanding.”  Thank you, Stephanie, for the joy you have brought to my life!”

Patte H., Wheaton, IL

“I began to meditate during a challenging time in my life. I was trying to re-define my relationship with myself, my spouse, my child, the world, and starting a new job. I felt an instant connection with Stephanie. The PSM classes I took with her were filled with love, acceptance, kindness, patience and knowledge. I left the course feeling ready and very willing to meditate on my own. Since then I have been able to stay focused, self-centered, calm and peaceful through my challenges. Meditation has helped me detach emotionally from my difficulties, so I can see with clarity and make decisions wisely. It has been the best investment of time and money I have ever made into myself. I recommend Stephanie and PSM mediation to anyone who is looking for balance, serenity and peace in their lives.”

Mea B., Waukegan, IL

“Meditation helps me fall asleep at night.”

Zach F, Wheaton, IL

“Meditation immediately connected to me. I’ve never felt so free as when I started mediating. It has changed my view on life, God and myself. It has answered so many questions for me. I’ve never felt so attuned to the world and myself. Primordial Sound Meditation has made me a more patient and satisfied person, and I’ve never felt so happy in my life! I will practice it for the rest of my life, and I thank Stephanie for changing my life. I highly recommend taking Primordial Sound Meditation with Stephanie. She’s the best! “

Claire R., Glen Ellyn, IL

“I couldn’t have enjoyed it more or been happier with the Mindfulness Meditation class. Ms. Frantz was so personable and a great teacher.  I feel that I got so much from my experience with her.”

Sara A., Hinsdale, IL

“I found the Mindfulness Meditation class to be very beneficial and motivating and am glad I took it.”

Sandra A., Glen Ellyn, IL

“I enjoyed the Mindfulness Meditation and Primordial Sound Meditation classes enormously.  Even though I have had experience meditating, I can say without hesitation that these were by far the best classes I have ever taken.  I benefited in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin.  The experience of meditation has been so soothing, peaceful, and enjoyable, with lasting effects throughout the rest of my day and other parts of my life, increasing my overall happiness and joy.”

Mark S., Geneva, IL.