Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is a tool for discovering the body’s own inner intelligence.

A 3-4 session class includes:

  • Your personal mantra
  • Personal Instruction
  • Practice sessions
  • Course materials
  • In-depth education: how it works, benefits, history & selection process
  • Understanding of the practical aspects: how to sit, where & when to meditate
  • Integration of meditation into your daily routine
  • Exploration of higher states of consciousness

Each session lasts 1 1/2-2 hours.

$295/adult, private class**

**Discounts available for couples, groups, and mindfulness meditation graduates

Mindfulness Meditation 

Train your mind,  like you train your body, for the perfect antidote to daily stress.  Learn and practice centuries old meditation techniques to relax and increase your overall sense of well-being.  A 50 minute, four session class.

$55-$78/person, Community class

$240/person, Private 4-week class.  Discounts available for 2 or more persons.

More Mindfulness Meditation

An ongoing class designed for graduates of Mindfulness Meditation who enjoy the experience of guided group meditations and are interested in exploring the topic of mindfulness to a greater degree.  This class provides a forum to relax, de-stress, and maintain your meditation practice. Prerequisite: Mindfulness Meditation

$60/person- Zoom class

Workshop:  An Introduction to Meditation and Stress Management

This interactive workshop outlines the benefits of meditation, teaches a stress-buster breathing exercise and a simple mindfulness meditation that will help participants manage stress and reduce anxiety, enhance sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, increase immunity, and create a sense of well-being when practiced on a daily basis.

$75- Private, one session Zoom workshop

$150-Private, two session Zoom workshop

$125-Group, one session Zoom workshop

Mentoring & Meditation

Have you hit a rumble strip in your life?  Do you feel out of alignment with your true self?   Would you like to refresh your meditation practice?  Schedule a Mentoring & Meditation session to refresh your outlook and your meditation practice!  🙂

$75-One hour Zoom session


For more information on classes, workshops, or mentoring,  e-mail or call 630-379-8257.